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March 16th, 2009 12:32 am
i wish i'd update more. i wish i had more of a life to update about, haha.

hmm colorado's great. i've been here for 7 months now and i love it so much and am neeever leaving.

i can't get a job. damn this economy! *shakes fist*

i bought another puppy. i now have 4 dogs. well technically only 2 are mine, but i live with 4. they're great, my favorite things in the world. :]

haven't been to a concert in over a year! i hate that. there's been a few i would have liked to go to, but i don't feel like going by myself anymore. i've only made one good friend here so far, and he doesn't like concerts. blargh.
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December 6th, 2008 12:52 am
Finding out that the guy you've been crushing on for the last 3 months is actually gay feels kind of...strange.

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October 14th, 2008 11:33 pm
um..haven't posted in awhile. i don't know why i'm doing it now.

i didn't move to germany, i moved to colorado. i've been here about two months now and i love it. a lot.

i'm lusting after a 26 year old guy who is the spitting image of brandon flowers. and is also named brandon. YEAH FOR REAL. the age thing makes it weird though, damnit.

i'm getting my first car tomorrow and it will pretty much be the best thing to ever happen to me.

i bought a border collie puppy about two months ago. his name is tripp and he's 4 months old now. he is the sweetest, smartest, best dog i've ever had and i love him more than anything (yes, this includes my other two dogs..and cat, and rat, and snake, and fish. sorry guys.). here's a cute picture.

yeah i think that's it. life is cool.
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September 23rd, 2007 10:17 pm
Woooo I have lots of updating to do. Here are reviews for Projekt Revolution, The Used, and Interpol. I know, my music tastes are all over the place. I'll start with Interpol because 1) it's the best and 2) it's the freshest in my memory and 3) this is going to be a really long entry, and Interpol needs easy access because I think more people will be interested in that than the others, hah.

Interpol 9/21/07Collapse )

The Used 9/8/07Collapse )

Projekt Revolution 8/11/07Collapse )

Crap that took a long time.
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August 18th, 2007 11:19 am
I'M ALIIIIVE kind of

i went to projekt revolution last weekend. a proper review will be posted in a few days (not that anyone cares psssh). it was tons of funs though. except for the severe sunburn i acquired.

seeing the used on september 8th. i don't really want to. but i'm going anyway because if i don't something really awesome will happen and i'll regret not going. :] plus it's a free concert so why not.

i'm moving to germany next year. my step dad is in the air force and he's getting relocated or whatever you call it. i don't really have any other options so i'm just going to go with my mom and him. kind of cool? i'm not sure what i think about it yet. it's so FAR. :[ anyway so we're gonna have to sell the house, so my mom is preparing for that. packing up a bunch of junk, and she's going to let me put on a garage sale with it all, and i get to keep the money from it. yay!

everyone should go see hot rod, for it is the new napoleon dynamite.
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May 22nd, 2007 1:57 pm
andrew kendall friend requested me on lastfm.

1) since when does lastfm have friend requests?

2) why would someone as super awesome as andrew kendall just go randomly friend requesting someone? *feels special*
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April 27th, 2007 11:20 pm
muse + my chemical romance concertCollapse )

the killers!Collapse )
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March 22nd, 2007 3:00 am
do i ever update with things other than concerts? HAHA NO 'cause that's not cool.

um let's see. i had a job for a week. working for my sister doing retail stuff. but i was just kind of temporary while they needed some help. i don't think she wants me until summer now. kind of sad. i was making good money. but i live in florida. summer is always just around the corner.

i still haven't gotten my permit! what a loser. i did take the test online though. i just have to go down to the dmv and take a hearing and vision test, get my picture taken and the card made lalala. when i'll get around to that, who knows.

hmm...life is boring. muse + mcr are coming up in less than a month and i cannot even tell you how excited i am (uh...i'm excited for killers too. just. muse are my favorite live band. and i haven't seen mcr before. so naturally i'm a little more giddy about them.). i just can't! bah, concerts are the only things i have to look forward to these days. i need a liiiiife. give me one?

stella is becoming the most beautiful little doggy ever. my baby grew upppp. :(
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March 14th, 2007 11:21 pm
i have had the worst possible day you could ever imagine
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March 9th, 2007 6:34 pm
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February 1st, 2007 9:24 pm
well. i got a laptop. it's pretty AND OMG IT'S PORTABLE! i don't know how i ever lived with a desktop, seriously. there's nothing better than doing your computer thing while you're all cozy in front of the fireplace with cobbler and hot chocolate. which is what i'm doing now. hoorayyyy.

sooo, taste of chaos coming up soon, i'm so excited. my chemical romance with support muse (an odd mix made even odder by the fact that muse is supporting, but no way am i complaining) on april 18th, the killers on april 20th. hooray life. i gotta take a little break from concerts after these. unless i get some sort of income coming in, which i'm working on. because many concerts make bliss a broke girl.

driving is going reeeeally well, i like it now that i'm out of parking lots. i still haven't got my permit, but that's another thing i'm working on. i really wish florida had some sort of course for 17 year olds to get their license. then i'd only have to wait 6 months instead of a year. blergh. nonetheless, i hope i get a car for my birthday. i want a civic coupe LX or EX. it's cute, it looks like a little bullet. or maybe i should say big bullet. cause cars are bigger than bullets. yeah. anyway i probably won't be getting a car until i get my license but i'm still hoping so if you see my dad, tell him that's what i want, ok? ok.

i hate it when dogs drag their butt on the carpet.
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December 30th, 2006 12:14 am

is it bad that i'm just now getting into queen? i'm a sad, sad person.

i went over to my neighbor's house and layed on his couch and i came back smelling like either onion or body odor (and not my own). haha ew, boys.

i cut my hair...

(don't look at the dazed/sleepy look on my face. or the bags under my eyes WHEN DID I GET THOSE?)
they're er...more straight across now as opposed to side bangs. and yes i know i'm no hairdresser so they aren't perfect. anyway i'm not sure if i like it or not. they're starting to look like a bowl cut. but maybe not? i'm still working on them. *shrug*

speaking of haircuts, haven (my 4 year old neice) cut henley's (my 2 year old neice) hair. and yes, it is as funny as it sounds. but my sister managed to fix it up so it's actually kind of cute now, though there are definitely a few chunks missing lol. but she does look like a boy so we call her henry now. haven did her bangs too, which my sister also fixed up, and they look adorable. haven's like, "bliss i look like you now!" hehe.
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December 25th, 2006 7:42 pm

merry christmas and stuff

i love when people give me money


i got a new phone too. and perfume (i don't really like it but it's from the boy next door so it's kind of cute). and uhh. a scarf and socks (ooh grandma). and umm..some earrings and a calendar (sounds lame but the pictures in it are seriously cool). and uhh i think that's it. lame presents this year haha. except for the phone. my dad is the only one who ever gives me really good presents because he's the only one who asks what i want. oh yeah the money is good too. oh right and i bought myself and that boy next door concert tickets. 30 seconds to mars, the used, aiden, saosin, senses fail, evaline, chiodos in march. i only like 30stm and saosin (evaline sounds kind of cool though) but i'm all about an experience. which it will be because i've never seen emo bands live bahahah.

i'm driving now, finally. well i've only done it twice. but apparently i'm pretty good so that's cool. i don't like parking. or backing up. or turning. going straight is great though!

hmm. yep!
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December 20th, 2006 10:16 pm
I'M BACK. HI. Actually I've been back for nearly two days now, but writing this and editing/uploading pictures and videos took forever.

Okay, I'll just get right to it. I stood in line for 3 hours. The guy in front of my looked exactly like Brandon (I mean the resemblance was scary, he even had the mustache) except he was fat and had a mohawk and piercings. I really hope the real Brandon never goes for that look. I had some very annoying teenage boys behind me. They had not even heard Sam's Town. I don't know what they were even doing there BUT THEY SUCK. Some annoying girls a little more behind me got TOLD by this other chick. They were talking about how AFI was horrible at the last show, and that their fans were scary, and blah blah blah. So this other chick who was apparently a very big AFI fan got all in her face about AFI's fans being very devoted, and that they "aren't as scary as your fucking hair right now". I laughed so hard. I ended up next to those annoying girls during the show. They too had never heard Sam's Town. When they let us in, they were checking people's bags for cameras, but they totally skipped me so I got my camera in. HA! Some guy on the inside asked me again if I had a camera, and I'm all "Oh heavens no". HA!

Cartel were very mediocre. They sounded good, but weren't the greatest performers, and I don't like their music much. And I somehow totally missed the only song I knew. I heard one chorus and I'm like "Hey I know this song! *rocks out*" and then it was over. I'm not sure if that was their fault or mine.

Sparta was much, much better. Their music's more up my alley, and they sounded phenoooomenal. The guitarist was fun and crazy and I like that. He spit water at the crowd once but it ended up getting mostly on the security guards instead. Aaaahahahaha. Yeah but I enjoyed them alot. Taking Back Control is the greatest song ever (nah not really but it's pretty good).

So then after them, the roadies start getting the stage ready for the Killers. That alone probably took 45 minutes. There were at least 20 christmas trees...and a snowman. IT WAS PRETTY UP THERE. Cluttered, but pretty.

So the Killers finally come out, and I probably don't have to tell you how loud it was. I think that's the first time I've ever covered my ears at a concert. They opened with Sam's Town, in which Brandon tried to stand on one of the amps, but it started to tip over and he had to jump off. They played Enterlude after that, and god was it beautiful. Then they played When You Were Young and I almost cried (you're going to be hearing that more than a few times in this review). It was just soo good.

Then Brandon says something along the lines of, "Let's uh...keep it a little twisty..give it a twist.." and I'm just like, "Huh?" until I hear "DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN"...those are the opening chords to Somebody Told Me in case you were wondering. And of course everybody is like, "AHHH SOMEBODY TOLD ME!!!" Me too. I pretty much screamed until I choked and rammed myself into the rail. I haven't had that much fun since...well since I saw them perform STM last year.

I think Bling was next...this is about the point I start losing track of the songs...in any case, BLING WAS AMAZING. It's my favorite, so I am SO glad they played it. I had to record it, obviously. I don't have to tell you how good it was because you can watch it!

And like I said I lost track of the songs after that, so here's the setlist in no particular order, including the encore:

Sam's Town
When You Were Young
Somebody Told Me
Uncle Johnny
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (DUDE. BOYLOVE RETURNS. hahaha. at "and then you whisper in my ear" brandon grabbed dave by the hair and "whispered in his ear" (figuratively of course). preeeeetty good.)
Mr. Brightside (oh my god. i can't say anything other than OH MY GOD. you catch my drift.)
Indie Rock and Roll
Bones (Brandon started this by saying "Don't you want to come with me?" *loud screams from audience* "Don't you want to feel my bones?" *loud screams from audience* "On your bones? *LOUD SCREAMS FROM AUDIENCE* "It's only natural." *loud screams from audience*")
Read My Mind (okay here's another I got teary-eyed during. i mean it's the kind of song that sort of has that effect on you whether it's live or not, but if you've seen them perform it, you know it can just really get you live. or at least, it gets me.)
Smile Like You Mean It
For Reasons Unknown (Brandon on bass is...yay.)
My List (You know in the beginning how it's got the big *boom*s and then this higher pitched...sound? Haha, I can't explain it but you know. Anyway, at the booms, Brandon would stomp his foot on the ground, and then clap for the higher ones. He eventually got the whole place doing it. Just imagine near 20000 people doing *stomp*clap*stomp*clap*. It was awesome. The whole place would just shake everytime they would stomp their foot. So. Cool.)
All These Things That I've Done (totally cried. did that the first time I saw it live too. brandon got up on the piano (i'm not sure how) and held the microphone in the air, and the whole crowd started the "i got soul but i'm not a soldier"s. we must have said it a hundred times and it was amazing. and then at the end brandon jumped off the piano, and i'm still surprised he landed on his feet.)
A Great Big Sled (AHHH. I SO DID NOT THINK THEY WOULD PLAY THIS. I hadn't heard the song enough to know anything more than the chorus, but still! Oh it was good.)

It seemed like a short set, but I guess it's the average for most bands...but the fact that it was just as long last year and now they have TWO albums, it just seems like they should've done more songs. Like Midnight Show. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T DO MIDNIGHT SHOW. And I definitely would have killed for Where the White Boys Dance, but ehhh. I'M NOT COMPLAINING. Nope.

Umm...whenever I write these things, I always feel like there's so many things I forget to put in. I hate that. But it doesn't matter much, because you can't get the real feeling unless you've seen the band before (and hopefully recently). They have grown sooo much and it's just unreal. That arena holds 20,000 people, and it honestly had to be at least 95% full of people who knew every word to every song. It's the most incredible thing to see....this band who, when I saw them a year ago, had maybe 50 people in the audience actually singing, and maybe only 30 people who were truly into it. The band who nooobody knew, and now you can't mention their name to anyone without getting into a lengthy conversation on them. The band who just stood there and played good, but not great, and now they move around everywhere and sound INCREDIBLE. I'm so proud of them. There was a part in the show where the lights were mostly all down, and every person had their cell phone out and waving it around. It was just a freaking SWARM of lights and it really showed how many people were actually there. I wish I'd gotten a picture. It was like a sea of giant fireflies. And that totally sounds like something Will Ferrell would have said, hahaha. But you know what I mean. It was powerfulllll.

picturesCollapse )
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December 17th, 2006 3:24 pm

i love her so much right now. i mean, she's making me pay for gas and a hotel, but it's all good. i'm so happy.

be back tuuuuesday.

ps i love this song.

pss bethany i'll most likely be calling you so expect it.
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December 12th, 2006 3:03 pm
the killers rescheduled for this monday

and so far i don't have a ride

pray for me...or something else since i don't think god endorses concerts ahaha

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December 7th, 2006 7:35 pm
The Mistletoe Jam was last night! It was supposed to be with The Killers, AFI, OK Go, and Jet, but ze Killers had to cancel because Brandon is all sickly. So Plain White T's took their place. I was unbelievably upset when I found out they'd cancelled, and I cried, and my mom didn't want to even take me anymore because she thought it wasn't worth it, and I was so upset, but she eventually gave in and took me (with lots of complaining). But anyway, Killers or not, IT WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOW.

So I wake up at 4:30, get showered and dressed, check the computer to make sure the Killers didn't cancel, and it turns out they did. I cried, begged mom to still take me, and on the road we were. Blah blah blah boring 5 hour ride in which we got quite lost.

We got there at...1:30 I think? with the doors to open at 4:30. I couldn't find a line anywhere, and when I finally did there were only 3 people in it. I was happy at first, thinking I was almost first in line but then after awhile when nobody else showed up I was thinking I was probably in the wrong place. So mom goes walking around to see and she calls me and is like, "There's a line over here with ten or so people in it" "There's another one over here" "aaaand another..." so I didn't really know where to go. We find out from a guard which (door is to open first, and THANK GOD, it's a door that's inside the building, so I could get out of the freezing cold. And sit down. IN REAL CHAIRS! Yay. There weren't many people there, and I was so happy, and then maybe 15 minutes before door-opening time, they tell us that people with floor tickets have to go line up somewhere else because they have to get wristbands first (???). So I get sent to this line with like 30 people in front of me. I was not happy, let me tell you. But I'm a trooper so I don't complain. I make friends with a few girls behind me, who in turn make friends with a couple girls behind them, so we have a nice little group. I was by myself at that point so I was really glad for that. We go in, get the stupid wristbands (THEY HAD ELEPHANTS ON THEM), and make our way to the arena. This place was even bigger than I was prepared for. It was amazing. And the best part about it being big (never thought I'd say that) was that there was PLENTY of room for me to get a spot up front. I was right on the railing, front and center. I have never been right on the railing before, so I'm just in lalaland right now. Oh and I lost a few of my little friends I made so it was just me and one other girl now. And then a couple of other girls come up behind us and ask if they can squeeze in between us. So then I'm not next to that girl anymore, and make friends with the new girls, haha. I met alot of people last night.

Anyway, you're not interested in any of that, are you? OK Go comes out first after maybe an hour, AND THEY WERE AMAZING LET ME TELL YOU. Damien, the singer (okay I know there's like 2 singers but the main one with the shaggy hair) walked into the crowd at one point. HE STOOD RIGHT NEXT ME. I MOLESTED HIS LEG A LITTLE BIT. The girl next to me held his hand to steady him when he jumped in, and she was so overjoyed that she gave me a big hug and jumped around with me, bahahah. They did do the little A Million Ways dance, and it's probably the greatest thing you will ever see. No joke.

PWT's were on after them, and omg they were so fun. Their music is just so cute and catchy and happy, and they're such adorable performers, almost annoyingly so, and I just loved it. They had gone on last minute to fill in for the Killers, so you know, good for them. I bought their album after the show.

Now, 90% of the people there were there for AFI, I could tell. So by this point, when AFI were scheduled next, it's getting squishier, everyone's getting excited, the stage is alot cooler looking now, haha...big white speakers, and the lights are being set up (finally...the other two bands had a very minimal light show), big huge white drumset, and it's just pretty. They make us wait for like an hour, and then the radio station dudes come out and tell us they'll be on in a few minutes. The lights go down, and then after 5 minutes, they go back up again. NOT COOL. And then after 10 more minutes, they go back down again. Then the stage lights come on, and you see some people walk out, but the lights are done so that all you can see is their silhouette. But of course we KNOW who it is and we're screaming our heads off. And then BOOM bright lights, loud music, AFI!!!! More screaming and jumping up and down and general chaos! They. put on. the most amazing show. SERIOUSLY. Absolutely stole the show. Soooo much energy. One minute Davey's up front, then Jade's up front and Davey's on the drumset, and then Hunter is on the right, and then Jade's on the left, and Davey's over here, and there, and someone's over here, god they didn't keep still for one second IT WAS AWESOME. Jade is amazing. He'd come right up the front and stand in front of my section and just go all crazy on the guitar. He's very bouncy. He jumps alot. He is amazing I LOVE JADE. But whenever Davey would come and stand in front, holy cow I got a bit friendlier with the rail. Everyone's reaching out and trying to touch him, the weirdos (I wasn't trying to touch him. No. Not meeee). He jumped into the crowd once, but over on the right side, not on my side (poo). They held his legs steady while he stood on their hands and sang. That was cool. But yeah, they put on an incredible show. Especially when they did Silver and Cold. That's my favorite song of theirs, so naturally I just thought it was the best thing I'd ever witnessed BECAUSE IT WAS.

The girl next to me was...diabetic, or something..anyway, she got really lethargic because of low blood-sugar (we eventually got her a soda), and I was like, "Well at least you made it through AFI" and she goes, "It was AFI that did it!". Haha.

People cheered for like 20 minutes after they had left. Jet were supposed to come on next, and I was so worried that people wouldn't like them as much. I knew AFI were going to be hard to beat, especially since that's who most people came for in the first place. I didn't want the crowd to be unimpressed or maybe even leave, because I love Jet and well I just don't want them to have their little egos crushed.

But boy was I wrong. They gave AFI some really tough competition, and right now I can't even decide who was better. They played all the right songs, and that singer definitely knows how to work a crowd. He walked into the crowd twice (with the guitar, playing it all the while), stole some guy's beer, rub and kissed the security guy's head, kissed some chick's hand. A couple girls took their shirts off (left the bras on thankfully), and he was definitely pleased with that haha. Then some guy got up and took HIS shirt off, so funny. The drummer is SO good. He sang one of the songs, which I think is so cool because I don't think I could ever drum and sing at the same time. The bassist was crazy. At the end of the show he walked up to the front, slipped and fell. I'm not sure if he did it on purpose or not, but it didn't look like it. But he falls on the floor and is just laying for a couple of minutes, and the crowd's just like O_O and the rest of the band starts walking toward him, and the drummer kind of leans down and touches him and up jumps the bassist, haha. Gaaaah I just loved them. Singer interacted with the crowd so much, I loooove when they do. People cheered for them just as much as they did for AFI. I was so proud. I bought one of their shirts, but all they had left was a small so it's really short on me. I hate short shirts.

I didn't take any pictures because I wasn't expecting to have that good of a spot anyway, and I just wanted to be able to enjoy the concert without worrying about pictures. I really wish I hadn't done that haha.

The drive home was...bad. We weren't even all the way out of Atlanta yet when we hit a deer. A huge one. I cried for an hour. I hate cars. And the right side of ours happens to be wrecked. But I don't really care about that. I just can't stop thinking about the deer. I feel so bad. :(

(Oh god though, we were listening to the radio guys talk about the show, and the DJ was interviewing someone who was at the show, and he's like, "What'd you think of Davey Havok's eye makeup? All the glitter." and the other guy's like, "It was angry glitter. ANGRY!" bahahahah)

But I don't want to think about that, I'm just so glad I went to the concert. And the Killers are going to reschedule, and I can use my ticket to get into that, so it's all good.
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November 11th, 2006 1:49 am
The Panic! at the Disco concert was a couple days ago. It was really awesome, but also disappointing.

I waited in line for four hours and it was cooooold outside and I hadn't brought a jacket. That was just terrible. A couple hours into it though, Jon (Panic!'s bassist) walks out with a football, asking if anyone wanted to play. Cutest thing ever. He organized two teams, and was their...coach I guess. I love him so much for doing that, because people were bored to death and it gave us all something to focus on for an hour. <333 And nobody mobbed him asking for pictures and autographs, so that was cool.

So they finally open the doors, I hide my camera in my pants and carry my bag over the unsightly bulge (cameres weren't allowed). I had a pretty decent spot I thought (considering how many people were there), maybe 5 people back and right in the center. I was happy. I was excited.

Jack's Mannequin were good, though I totally forgot they were opening so I didn't know any songs.

Bloc Party came on after them, and sounded absolutely great. I'm actually not a fan, so I only knew a couple of their songs, but I like them alot more now. Very, very good performance. And Russell is terribly cute in real life. Or cuter, rather. Unfortunately, the crowd starting getting kind of crazy when Banquet came on. I mean...crazy. I was actually in pain. And...I don't know WHAT I was thinking...but I decided it was too much for me AND LEFT. Went and sat in the balcony instead. I've never done that before and I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF. I should've just toughed it out. The view from the balcony was god awful. So far away. I was near tears. I still get really upset just thinking about it. I am never ever going to sit in a balcony again no matter what happens in the pits. Ergh. Though, in my defense, that crowd was pretty bad. From the balcony I could see fist fights breaking out, and like 5 different mosh pits. It was kind of scary. But I'm still mad at myself.

Panic! finally comes on, and....just incredible. They pulled back a curtain and the stage was suddenly about three times bigger, Spencer is on this HUGE pedestal, and it's so colorful, and there's dancers, and strippers, and acrobats, and drag queens, and stiltwalkers....really stunning.

Their setlist was the whole album (played in the same order as on the album too, which was cool...more bands should do that), and they also covered Killer Queen and Eleanor Rigby. Those were both AMAZING, especially Eleanor Rigby. Brendon's voice was goooorgeous.

Afterward I went to get some shirts, but the line was enormous. I waited for about 20 minutes without it moving at all, so I just said to hell with it, I probably would've been there for hours. Disappointment #2.

We were trying to decide whether to stay and try to meet the band, but eventually decided that we didn't have the time. So we leave, and about ten minutes down the road we turn around and go back to wait, haha. But we get there and...everybody's gone. I'm scared to death, thinking that they already came out and did it all. But apparently they "don't do that at that venue", because the guards had just chased everyone off. Oh I was angry. I was so close to finally meeting a band! Disappointment #3.

So...yeah, it was really an amazing show, but it could've been better. I'm disappointed in the general experience, but not in Panic!. Which makes me feel bad because it's really not their fault and I should be happier. I can't wait for them to come back so I can actually see them up close.

pictures and videosCollapse )

Sooo yeah. In other news I will be seeing AFI, OK GO, JET, AND THE KILLERS (!!!!!) in December. YAY! And this time I'm not leaving my good spot up front for the world.
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September 24th, 2006 11:20 pm
Yo. Time for an update.

I got a new phone. This one. I love it, but it doesn't get very good service at my house, which is pretty uncool. So I have to take it back and get another, but the only thing is, I can't find another one I like. I have to get a prepaid phone by either Tmobile or Cingular, and none of them are too desirable. I love this phone, but it isn't prepaid. I can't use the monthly plans because the cheapest ones are like, what, 30 bucks a month, and I really only use up about 15 or 20 a month (with the prepaids). So I don't really know what I'm going to do yet. DECISIONS.


I'm getting this done to my hair tomorrow, cut and color(s). I'm so excited and they better not screw it up.

I'm seeing Panic! at the Disco in November! Don't judge me.
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August 31st, 2006 10:25 pm
AH MAN. Anyone watch the VMAs? That was a good one. I CANNOT BELIEVE PANIC WON VIDEO OF THE YEAR! I mean, I think they deserve it, but whoa, serious shocker. And The Killers were sooooooooooo good and I love how they were the last performance of the night.

Ok Go, I was laughing my ass off the entire time. I love them.

Panic's performance...not so good...was his voice supposed to be cracking like that? :(

Um...I can't remember anything else. Jared Leto is looking gooood.
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